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As the designs of boredom shadowed over the nation and its people, a feeling of commonality set into the hearts of all residing in their urban dwellings. Every individual looked the same; no difference could be seen with the way they dressed or with what they used as merchandise. The people felt grey and just became a part of the unknown. The giants controlling the trends became mechanical and made the masses robots too.
This for ‘The Nerd’ was unacceptable. Without any roof over his head, all his money in just a small pocket but a dream in his heart bigger than anything a common individual could even think of, he launched the inception of what would be known as the ‘Nerd Revolution’ in the years to come. A small group of followers joined in the movement unsure of what to expect.
And then the movement commenced.
The urban Reporters sniffed out a plot in the making and were quick to capture the movement (T2, The Telegraph)
This gave the push, the movement needed to capture the hearts of the Local & International Unknown. But, the momentum didn’t last long. The energy was lost and the followers lost the spirit. They were swallowed into the unknown. ‘The Nerd’ was left alone, once again to wander the urban jungles with a spark still living in his heart finding other Legends of the Nerd Order.
It took a few years, but the dust settled and the Legendary Nerds found each other.
The Nerd Revolution was coming back this time for good and that too with a BANG!
GetNerdy or Go Home was about to turn into something more than just a catchphrase. It was a battle cry.
The battered souls rested with the wounds of the past. Many lost heart and left the Nerd Revolution, dissing and demotivating the others while leaving. Little did many know that the spark was alive in many, and new Legends were to become a part of the Nerd Revolution It was finally time to #GetNerdyOrGoHome
Over the warmth of coffee the conversations touched the revolutionary soul of the Legendary Nerds. The comeback was thought of and planned. Across the land and the seas, the team, diverse in culture, ethnicity, and even nationality dived head first into their work in hand. Miles away in different cities and countries yet connected as if right next to each other. Ideas flew into minds and heart about new design concepts, better promotional ideas, merchandise and much more. Then it hit them, the Nerd Revolution was not just about to come back, but come back with a BANG!!
YES!! YOU!! The New Blood Revolutionaries, this is a chance for you to join the Nerd Revolution and stand out of the crowd. Our Custom T-Shirts and Merchandise are surely going to help you do that and also help you identify your fellow Nerd Revolutionary Comrades in The Sea of the Unknowns.
The ride was long but the wait is now over.
The GetNerdy team is here to stay and get the Nerd Revolution started. For you, our trusted Revolutionaries of ‘Nerd’ we bring forth designs and concepts like none other. The Designs we offer are more quirky, more imaginative, and not just edgy but off the edge this time around. A new conceptual platform is also being developed for the Artists of the Land for them to gain a pedestal of greatness. The Nerd Revolution also offers its members an option to pledge allegiance to the ‘Nerd’ name and avail longer term benefits of regular T-shirt and Merchandise deliveries right at your doorstep for the periods you subscribe for. The Nerd Revolution awaits your pledge. Check us out…Our Products and Our Services await you.

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